PLEON (2019)

Light of 2019

Pure Light.

The Gang

With Oded, Iwar and Pauline. Costumes by Una Steinbrecher.


With Flavia and Jara. Costumes by Una Steinbrecher.

Cinematography for “Meeting Room” (2019)

Cinematography for “Wer?” (2019)

A project by Freie Filmwerkstatt Director: Julius Behler Producer: Hannah Häger Director of Photography: Jonathan Deges Gaffer: Kai Otte 1st…

Cinematography for “Gyttja” (2019)

This film was realized during one weekend in July for the Goldene Freya competition. Teams of maximum five people realized short films…

Stille (2019)

The main footage for this collage was shot in Lofoten, Norway, in February 2018 without any further intentions of turning…

Cinematography for “Personae” (2019)

Cinematography for “Return” (2018)

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