Lofoten Islands, Spring 2017

The days are growing longer and longer and the nocturnal emerald glow in the sky is slowly fading away to make room for eternal brightness. Spring is coming.

March and April on the Lofoten Islands have temperatures around zero degrees, and the snow has no intentions of melting soon. The months resemble winter by all means, except for the fact that you can really feel the amount of sunlight increasing day by day. In March and April, you can still admire the marvelous northern lights in the night sky, but the chances of seeing them visibly decrease towards the end of April. By then, the nights have already become too bright for the lights to be seen. If you are lucky, sometime around midnight you might be able to glimpse a blue hour aurora, just strong enough to push itself through the brightness of the radiant blue sky. But as spring moves on, even that is no longer possible.

Although the season of the northern lights is over and the midnight sun isn’t up yet, there is still a huge variety of beauty to discover on the archipelago of Lofoten. Ranging from misty mountains with tiny, colourful cabins at their feet, beautiful white beaches with turquoise water, to wildlife of foxes and eagles, and – if you’re as lucky as I was – you might even spot orcas swimming close to the shore without having to book a whale safari! With beautiful sunsets, gloomy days of rain, and stunning sceneries wherever you are, there are many opportunities to photograph or just sit down and enjoy – which is sometimes even more precious. Onward from June, the sun begins to endlessly circle the sky, no longer touching the horizon, creating the never-ending days of the midnight sun.

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