Winter in northern Norway – The time of cold and darkness. Because the sun doesn’t rise during the polar night there are only a few hours of dusky daylight around noon. During the rest of the day there is nothing but darkness… Well, that’s not quite true because it is way more than that! If the sky is clear you might be lucky to see some northern lights, often only as a veil of viridescent pale light but sometimes as an enormous spectacle of moving curtains and dancing flames, illuminating the night with more brightness than the full moon. The aurora is one of nature’s most amazing phenomenons and definitely a reason to visit the north at least once in a lifetime!

But besides those spectacular nights the daytime can be incredible, too. Heavy snowfall, harsh winds and beautiful colours once the clouds disappear are displaying the surroundings in a different way each time. In addition there is snowmobiling, husky tours and snowshoe trekking – amazing experiences that aren’t available everywhere in the world.  And when the sun finally reaches above the horizon again it is one of the most joyful experiences to see its face again.

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